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Agoda - Global Coding Competition



After a pandemic-related break in 2020, CodeGoda was planned for a relaunch in 2021. The brief came to Agoda’s Brand team to create a vibrant sub-brand that would resonate with curious, analytical minds and that could be rolled out every year indefinitely.


Creative, but coder-friendly ––  The name Codegoda stayed, though we added a tagline, ‘For coders, by coders’ and supporting copy in our trademark humble and playful prose.

For the visual identity we looked to the brutalist and modernist movements of the Bauhaus school and leveraged clean, geometric shapes to form an original typeface. We rounded each letter to reflect the circles in our logo, with the resulting design serendipitously evoking building blocks. We chose a shade of deep violet as the background colour because it’s rarely used by competitors and it made the other colours pop. This simple yet far-from-simplistic design speaks to coding on a fundamental level, since the success of a string of code relies on its simplicity.

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