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Viber - #Stickerface

WebApp, Social Media & Influencer 


Our competitor (LINE and Zalo) have a big market share, specially in the stickers usage among young users. Meanwhile, Viber also have huge amount of expressive and cute stickers.

Therefore, we need to find a way to introduce fun, cute and expressive Viber Stickers among young users in Vietnam. 


Usually stickers are used through a messaging app. 

But now we want them to use Viber stickers in real life situations with #STICKERFACE web app and make Viber Sticker a trend among young users. 


The #Stickerface web app is more than a responsive website, is a fully functional tool that works native on facebook and browser, NO need download!


To Drive traffic, we are not using Paid Media as GDN, FB Ads, or 3rd Party DSP’s. We purely based on Social Conversation, driven by Influencers, PR, forum and social seeding. 


Results in 5 Days of Campaign

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