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Travel Master's Secret Deal

Agoda  360 IMC - Market Entry


This is to date, the largest advertising campaign ever done by Agoda in Japan. As part of the effort to enter the market and gain share, we needed an Ad that bolds into our core USPs (pricing) and introduce our brand mascots (Agojis).


Japan is a market where reputation and word of mouth play a critical role while choosing a service provider. Is a special market for many reasons, also they are the country of the brand mascots! The birthplace of animation as we know it today and it was important that our mascots are present to bring that distinctiveness and brand recall. 



We decided that our Agojis should live in the real world and 3D was our vision to make it happen. Our formula was clear - Agojis + Celebrities and a simple message that can land to every audience. Then we partnered with Hakuhodo Japan, and through extensive research, we decided to go with Banana Man as the celebrity that will help to land our message: Travel Master's Secret Deal.  

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