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Branding & eCommerce

Diip CBD - Thailand

​The challenge was to create a brand identity that can stand out from a market dominated by "Weed-focused" products, referring to brands using oversaturated colors and marihuana in the forefront. Other brands are chasing the "medical-scientific" approach. 

Our approach to DiiP products goes beyond what a CBD brand is. The aim is to make a statement in the market. becoming a lifestyle brand rather than a medical supplement. we want the audience to belong to the brand.

We must talk about what really matters. Feeling good.

"If I feel good, I look good."

An honest message coming thru our look&feel and product portfolio. 


  • Brand Identity 

  • Brand Design System

  • Social Media Strategy 

  • eCommerce Design and Development 

  • Product Packaging & Printing guidelines

  • In-store materials 

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