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Tetra Pak

IMC Campaign


As the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company, Tetra Pak's products serve the needs of millions of people across 160 countries. Despite these numbers, Tetra Pak, and the huge role it plays in sustainability, is still largely unknown by consumers. Our challenge was to make Moms aware of the brand's purpose, 'Protect What's Good', and encourage them to actively choose Tetra Pak packaging when shopping. 


Teaching your children about sustainability can be fast and fun. It only takes a moment to water a plant, turn off a light, close a door or select a product with the Tetra Pak logo - protecting family and the environment.


An online challenge called 'A Second For Good' that encouraged Moms to upload a video of themselves and their children doing good deeds in 1 second clips. When 200,000 seconds of video clips were reached, a water filtration system and 10,000 cartons of milk were to be provided to the underprivileged community of Tram Chim, Dong Thap Province in Vietnam.



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