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Coral Farms

Agoda - #GoSustainable



Coral Farms was an initiative proposed under a new program called #GoSustainable to foster a more conscious tourism. 


More than 90 percent of the world's coral reefs will die by 2050. Agoda as a travel company needed to do an action to help palliate this problem. Water pollution, overfishing, and coastal development are the main causes at the local level... Initiatives such as Reforestation with Coral farms are well-known practices.


#Coral Farms - Coral farms can be placed on almost any structure, and these structures can be 3D printed to turn plastic into almost any shape.

What if we turn 3D-printed Agoda dots into new coral reef farms? 

Produced from recycled plastics and designed to mimic the texture of the reef. These coral dots will be placed in the affected coasts of Thailand and bring it to life by Agoda. Our pledge is to reforest coral reefs. 

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